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Linh is a Director/Designer based out of NYC, with an experienced background in design, creative, and branding. He surrounds himself with artful prints and toys, while he blends creative thinking, craft, and heart into his playground.

Rapid Robotics case study thumbnail

Rapid Robotics

A fresh identity for a company who's looking to stand out with easy and affordable manufacturing solutions.

The Royal Court

Collectible playing cards inspired by the game of basketball.

K + L

A wedding between two people set in the mountains.

Small Business Resilience

Grow with Google shares the story of local small business resilience.

Google Cloud Next

A 9 week digital event, featuring Google Cloud's biggest announcements.

Creatures 20/20

A visual project featuring creatures with superior vision.

Jersey Chips

Combining design and football.


An annual summer event for educators.


An experiential marketing platform that connects people.

Food for All this Fall (coming soon)'s goal of raising awareness and supporting the hunger crisis.

Perception Eyecare+Eyewear

A fresh identity for a boutique optometrist office.

George Washington Birthday Ball (coming soon)

An annual event hosted by an American museum in NYC.

Director + Designer based in NYC.

LI [nh] PH [am] is the creative identity of Linh Pham, who has spent the last 15+ years crafting ideas. He is a Director/Designer based out of New York, with a strong background in design, creative and branding. He has a wide range of freelance and agency experiences in tiny and big environments. Here is a mixture of sample work driven by inspiration and partnered clients, which include: Google, Facebook, M Booth, and Evolution Fresh.

Who is Linh? A chill sports-enthusiast, who geeks out with technology and surrounds himself with artful toys and prints. Someone is purely passionate about his work, who gets amped up at the slightest hint of design or creativity in anything.

Drop a message through email, connect on LinkedIn, or follow on Instagram. Creative folks can also catch him on Dribbble and Behance.

Linh Pham

Queens, NY
LinkedIn + Resume


  • Liph Studio: Freelance, 2007-Present
  • Merkley + Partners: Art Director / Sr Designer, 2016-2016
  • C42D: Art Director / Designer, 2012-2016
  • Chansen / Living Mag: Art Director / Designer, 2007-2012
  • M Booth: VP, Creative Director [art] / Designer, 2016-Present

Liph Fundamentals

  • Childhood Inspiration
  • Think big(ger)
  • Lifetime student
  • Stay humble
  • Take a chill pill
  • Design is Passion


  • Arte
  • iMac + iPhone
  • Fuji
  • Chef Porkie cravings
  • Daily dose of fruit and coffee
  • Cubs, Niners, and Warriors!
  • Family + Friends and "Friends"

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