K+L, an eventful celebration between two people in the beautiful location of Banff, Canada.

Create a visual direction for the couple's special day.

The design started with the simple mark that tied it all together. The K+L mark stemmed from the simplicity of two rings. Combined with the couple's initials, creates a solid, bonding mark. An alternative version was used to signify the beginning of the reception and after party. Colors start with the primary palette of navy and copper. Then it's extended into 4 other tones, to give the wedding a diverse, theme - outdoorsy, mountains, natural, simple, soft.

The visual direction was carried across to the invites and website. The main visuals that expanded across the wedding collateral are the illustrations. The four scenes kept with the mountain theme and also included the four parts of the wedding - location, ceremony, reception, after-party.

Studio: Liph
Role: Designer

The Illustrations