Rapid Robotics, a new player who's looking to stand out in a competitive, growing industry of robotic solutions.

Create a fresh brand identity that speaks innovation and modern, for a company who's coming into an industry that's been operating a particular way for a long time.

Rapid Robotics was looking to make an impact in the industry, highlighting the detail that they're building easy and affordable manufacturing solutions. With an industry that's operated a certain way since the beginning of time, introducing an innovative solution may seem intimidating and daunting to some. Rapid wanted to show companies the ease of bringing in these new solutions. The brand refresh came together with pillars that matched with the companies business goals – modern, affordable, simple, approachable, positive, energy.

The full refresh started with the logo, color, and typography. Then it expanded into a new website, which is one of Rapid's main communication source. A package of brand visual elements made up of illustrations and patterns rounded out the updated visual identity.

Studio: Liph
Role: Director, Designer
Client: Rapid Robotics



Visual Brand Elements