Along with design, sports and games both sit right up there as part of my favorite personal interests. The Royal Court project pays homage to all three of those topics.

Design a tangible product that encompasses the different personal passion areas of mine – sports, design, and games.

Create a NBA themed deck of cards was the perfect marriage that connected all three passion points. The design was heavily inspired by the love for the game, the players, and the details of the game.  Each card was designed in great detail, incorporating different aspects in every corner of the cards – from the color palette, to the players, to the court. The launch deck in the series kicks off with the 2020 NBA champions, the Los Angeles Lakers.

The "face" cards feature past and present legends of the team. Coming to life in stylized illustrations, each was matched with a different jersey style. The styles mimicked Nike's new four jersey rotation. The background of the cards is filled with subtle details of the court. The color palette stays true to the team colors, which brings all the visuals together.

Studio: Liph
Role: Designer

The Players

The Details

The full set

Team Sets