A visual project featuring creatures with superior vision.

20/20 Creatures

Client: Liph Project
Studio: Liph
Capabilities: Art Direction, Illustration

The Characters

20/20 features 3 main characters who are known for their excellent vision. Owl "Lost" represents the air, Mantis Shrimp "Crazy Eyes" from the water, and Goat "Staredown" for land. The main focus of each creature are the eyes - using size and motion, each creature has a fun, unique look/feel.

Visual Direction

A fun, visual project - a number of different cues brought the theme back to vision. The eye chart was brought in as a background. The colors were narrowed down to CMYK and RGB, the 2 main color modes in design. Even down to the noticeable eyes to the name of the characters. Badges were also created to highlight certain vision strengths.

Character Design

Evolution of one of the characters.



Jersey Chips