Grow with Google shares the resilient stories of local small businesses.

The resilience and strength of a small business owner is a powerful thing. Revealing that through the story of a particular small business owner was the main challenge.

The creative kicked off with an interview with Shane. To keep things as authentic as possible, we let Shane's story guide the project from the beginning to end. Her words and voice really carried the narrative which was broken up into three main chapters. With audio being the guiding force, we supported the story-telling with a very familiar visual tool – comics. The comic-book theme matched up perfectly with the goal of telling Shane's story. Every detailed scene that was mentioned, was beautifully illustrated and brought to life.

Everything came together perfectly – combination of a voiceover, illustration, and motion. The full story was broken up into individual frames and shared across several digital platforms. Below you'll find all the frames composed together as a poster. Scroll down to check out the live link on Facebook to watch the full video.

The creative was shared on Google's various digital platforms including social media. Check out one of the posts on Facebook.

Agency: M Booth
Role: Creative Director
Client: Grow with Google

Story-telling with comics

The full story

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