Design, Capture, Eat, & Repeat. Liph.


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Linh Pham

Creative Director + Designer @

Art Director @
M Booth

Daily Tools:
MacBook Pro
Fuji X-T2
Chef Porkie
Daily dose of fruit
An episode of Friends


Passionate and motivated creative partner, born to build brands and to create meaningful solutions.

Design, Capture, Eat, and Repeat. Liph.

Linh is a Creative Director and Visual Designer based out of Queens, NY. During the day, duty calls as Art Director at MADE at M Booth. Outside of the agency, he lives a double life as the primary creative under the identity, Liph. He has a strong background in Creative/Art Direction, Branding, and Digital/Physical media.

Born in Kansas City, raised on the west coast in LA, and then grew up in the Southwest in Dallas. After his professional career was in a stable place, he branched out to NYC to expand his experience, professionally and personally.

In his triple life, Linh has his Fuji XT-2 or iPhone ready to capture interesting moments. Playing and watching sports has always been a hobby, from baseball cards to fantasy football. His highly competitive nature especially comes out when athletic events are involved. When the weather isn't too good, a number of board games fills his shelves along with movies and TV shows on the playlist. His personality stems from being an all-around chillaxin guy.

Notable Clients:
Fraunces Tavern Museum
Foundation Capital
American Express
Sons of the Revolution

Creative Strategy + Art Direction
Branding + Identity Systems
Visual Language
Digital Media + Print Media
Web Design + Development
Mobile App + UI Design

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