Cafe Henri

I've walked by this place plenty of times since it resides right off the 7 train at the Vernon/Jackson stop. With service being consistently busy and Yelp having great reviews, I dropped in for brunch. After a short 20 minute wait, we were seated. The place has an artistic approach for it's decor. With bright colors, wooden/brick spots and random paintings placed. For brunch, we had the usual eggs benedict and omelette, but the menu looked great so we added a crepe. In the end, it was all great! The expresso was extra strong, eggs benedict was on par (the bacon was a nice plus), and the crepe capped it off.

Café au Lait
Les Oeufs Benedict
L’Omelette avec choix de trois

Taste: 9/10
Strong espresso with delicious eggs benedict.

Service: 8/10

Decor/Branding: 9/10
Nice, artistic decor on the inside. Bright colors and random paintings!

Tab(5): $$

Food was great and the dinner looked awesome too! Must come back for the dinner course. Interesting fact: their sister restaurant is Casa Enrique!

Linh Pham

New York, NY

Art Director & Visual Designer based in NYC