Xian Famous Foods

With a few different locations, ranging from a small stand in a crowded market in Flushing, to the busy streets in the East Village to the simple shop that recently opened in the Upper Westside. Each deliver delicious meals off a menu of noodles, soups and appetizer. Filled with flavors of spices and oils that you'll see draining on your plate. The hand-pulled noodles are a plus!

Stewed Oxtail Hand-Ripped Noodles (my favorite!)

Taste: 10/10

Service: 8/10

Decor/Branding: 6/10
Pretty basic branding

Tab(5): $$

An awesome, cheap meal, your taste buds will thank you, but the fatty oils won't go well with your abs. The place has a feel of quick food with the plastic plates, but the contents on those place are top-notch.


Linh Pham

New York, NY

Art Director & Visual Designer based in NYC