Kiin Thai Eatery

Cozy spot in a busy area, Kiin has an array of Thai cuisines. From a number of appetizers, to soups, to rice. Many of them, I've never heard of! The dishes seemed authentic and more on the bare, dry, simple side with an organic feel. Although, I went for the "less then usual" dishes that I would normally get.

Appetizer: ‘Sai Oua’ Sausage (spicy)
Appetizer: Spicy 'Larb Kua Moo'
Entree: 'Ab Moo' Grilled Herbal Pork in Banana Leaf
Entree: Spicy Pork Basil with Preserved Eggs

Taste: 7/10

Service: 8/10

Decor/Branding: 9/10
Simple interior, nice branding

Tab(5): $$$

Recommend to atleast try out the unique dishes, unfortunately, I couldn't handle the spiciness...

Linh Pham

New York, NY

Art Director & Visual Designer based in NYC