Momofuku Noodle Bar

I've been to Momofuku Noodle Bar twice. First time was for dinner during a freezing snow storm, so the ramen really hit the spot. This time is during lunch on a warmer day during the end of summer. Momofuku's reputation goes far and wide and it definitely got my approval both times.

Fried Egg Buns (smoked pork loin, hollandaise, chives)
Momofuku Ramen (pork belly, pork shoulder, poached egg)
Spicy Miso Ramen (smoked chicken, poached egg, sesame)
Chilled Spicy Noodles (sichuan sausage, spinach, cashews)

Taste: 8/10
I started with the Prohibition, which I chose because of the label design. Another choice would be their slushies! Filled with a fruity taste of either lychee or watermelon, with a dose of alcohol. Very refreshing. The bunds were delish as usual. The Momofuku Ramen was very good! The fatty pork belly was tasty along with the other ingredients. It could of used a pinch of more salt for some taste. The Chilled Spicy Noodles were also tasty but SUPER spicy. My low tolerance could barely handle a cashew from the bowl. But if you can handle the high, dry heat, this dish is a nice alternative from the usual ramen.

Service: 7/10
Their was a minor wait when we arrived in the nick of time for it to open for lunch. After we were seated at the bar, our drinks were promptly served. The noodles took a little extra time, but it's understandable with a packed house.

Decor/Branding: 9/10
Big fan of the multi-layered wooden interior. A nice compliment are the lights and tones. The combo gave a very warm, welcoming feel.

Tab(5): $$$

If you come at the opportune time to avoid the lines, Momofuku is a nice place to swing by. Nice atmosphere, chill drinks, buns to start off, and a satisfying bowl of ramen to end.

Tom Fruin: Kolonihavehus Installation

Tom Fruin: #KOLONIHAVEHUS #installation at the #Brooklyn #Bridge #Park #view #bridge #dumbo #summer #NYC

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC
Season: Summer
Hardware: iPhone 6+
Software: Snapseed + Instagram


China: Through the Looking Glass

The "China: Through the Looking Glass" exhibit has just wrapped up it's summer showing at the Metropolitan of Art in NYC. Recently, I stopped to view the popular exhibit. I'd say it was well worth the trip! The exhibition consisted of a vast array of galleries. Each with it's own unique taste, such as, the eye-popping porcelain gallery. Whether you're into fashion or not, something you can definitely appreciate is the detailed, creative work that was put into each unique gallery. The fashion aspect was the main attraction, but along with it came a whole scene and idea that assisted in furthering the idea. Below are images of a few of the galleries.

Destination: Metropolitan Museum of Art: New York City, NY
Season: Summer
Hardware: Canon 70D
Software: Lightroom

Cafe Henri

I've walked by this place plenty of times since it resides right off the 7 train at the Vernon/Jackson stop. With service being consistently busy and Yelp having great reviews, I dropped in for brunch. After a short 20 minute wait, we were seated. The place has an artistic approach for it's decor. With bright colors, wooden/brick spots and random paintings placed. For brunch, we had the usual eggs benedict and omelette, but the menu looked great so we added a crepe. In the end, it was all great! The expresso was extra strong, eggs benedict was on par (the bacon was a nice plus), and the crepe capped it off.

Café au Lait
Les Oeufs Benedict
L’Omelette avec choix de trois

Taste: 9/10
Strong espresso with delicious eggs benedict.

Service: 8/10

Decor/Branding: 9/10
Nice, artistic decor on the inside. Bright colors and random paintings!

Tab(5): $$

Food was great and the dinner looked awesome too! Must come back for the dinner course. Interesting fact: their sister restaurant is Casa Enrique!