NojMov: A Taste of Southeast Asia

Earlier this year I got the exciting new opportunity to work with an up and coming foodtruck vendor here on the east coast, NojMov. The owners were awesome and had a great passion for food and drinks! I was definitely on board when I heard their story and plans for their dream. And a bonus was myself being a Foodie! It sounded like an awesome project to start on.

With the couple working full-time gigs of their own, this gave me time to really work on the craft of the branding. First on the list was the logo, which needed some extra love to give it a custom, personal feel. After a few iterations of the subtext, the final was simplified down to the name and tagline. The green bamboo was incorporated later on to link it to the Southeast Asia heritage. It also became a great, color branding signal.

After the logo was in place, priority shifted to a simple site to give NojMov a spot online. Keeping it consistent with the Asian heritage, the main attraction on the website is the food. Different spices and ingredients were taken and used as an introduction to the site. Then the limited info that was available was placed below.

With the spring weather just around the corner, NojMov is plans to really market itself after it's huge success this past year. Below are a few mockups of what's currently in progress. Stay tuned!

Linh Pham

New York, NY

Art Director & Visual Designer based in NYC