The 500px Community!

Recently joined the awesome photography community of: 500px! It's only been a few days and I am constantly inspired by the amazing photography from the community. Not only do I get to view, I can also create custom libraries of my favorite photos. Building myself a personal catalog of photography inspiration. Plenty of options to further the experience of the site, such as: Groups, Followers, or even Buy/Sell. I'm just getting my feet wet with the site, but I'm looking forward to sticking around for a while.

My 500px profile

NojMov: A Taste of Southeast Asia

Earlier this year I got the exciting new opportunity to work with an up and coming foodtruck vendor here on the east coast, NojMov. The owners were awesome and had a great passion for food and drinks! I was definitely on board when I heard their story and plans for their dream. And a bonus was myself being a Foodie! It sounded like an awesome project to start on.

With the couple working full-time gigs of their own, this gave me time to really work on the craft of the branding. First on the list was the logo, which needed some extra love to give it a custom, personal feel. After a few iterations of the subtext, the final was simplified down to the name and tagline. The green bamboo was incorporated later on to link it to the Southeast Asia heritage. It also became a great, color branding signal.

After the logo was in place, priority shifted to a simple site to give NojMov a spot online. Keeping it consistent with the Asian heritage, the main attraction on the website is the food. Different spices and ingredients were taken and used as an introduction to the site. Then the limited info that was available was placed below.

With the spring weather just around the corner, NojMov is plans to really market itself after it's huge success this past year. Below are a few mockups of what's currently in progress. Stay tuned!

Happy "Huggsy" Holidays!

It's that time of year again! Decorations are about, carols can be heard, family and friends gather... except it's 60 degrees outside! It doesn't feel like Christmas with 2016 right around the corner, but indeed it is.

This year's Holiday print coincidentally has a character that is similar to last year's. The Penguin! As all my friends know, I am a HUGE Friends fan (As I write this post, the Christmas episode in season 9 is playing!). So, this year I illustrated Joey's favorite stuffed animal, Huggsy with a holiday twist. With this illustration, I plan on it being the beginning of a full poster set of Friends illustrations. Stay tuned for updates!


The cards were printed on thick 32pt, superfine paper stock.
Hugsy spinkled in snow on one side with a personal message on the reverse.

@@Happy Huggsy Holidays!@@

The Never Ending Branding Project...

The most difficult branding project is... your own! I've gone through multiple refreshes during my freelance career and at some point or another, during those refreshes, I would hit a creative block. Defining the different parts of myself and encompassing those terms into a single creative became quite challenging. In my head, I had an idea of what I wanted it to represent, but visualizing it always brought a stand still. Eventually, it would always fall back to a similar result that represented LP Creative.

This time around, I've concluded to something different - "LIPH"

Taking a note from my previous idea, Liph is made up of the first two letters of my first and last name instead of just my initials. By furthering my identity from my initials, Liph is a term that represents the creative aspects of my life. Whether it's a foodie liph, photography liph or designer liph.

The logo was also a step up from the previous "LP" symbol. It is made with the lower case "L" combined with the usual period that is associated with initials. By combining them, the "L" is revealed. The transitional, curved connection represents the creating, evolving note. Keeping in mind my favorite quote by George Bernard Shaw -

@@Life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.@@