NojMov: A Taste of Southeast Asia

Client: NojMov
Services: Art Direction, Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Print/Product, Photography


"At the only and the best, southeast Asian food truck on the jersey shore. A new fresh taste that you need to experience like their Facebook page to keep up with their location and new changes. So proud of the truck and the Jacobs."


"If you have ever been interested in trying out Hmong food, or if you crave Hmong food, then please check them out!"


Project Ara

Client: Google
Services: Art Direction, Web Design, Web Development


Go Cubs!

Client: Personal
Services: Art Direction, Illustrations, Print, Layout

The Chicago Cubs had a monster year in 2015. With an array of heavy hitters and superb aces on the mound, the Cubs exceeded expectations. These illustrations were created in support of the Cubs as they worked their way in the postseason. The "striped" regular season stats are a thing of the past as they move onto a clean, empty slate into the postseason.



Client: Personal
Services: Print, Layout
Project: Scrabble: an old school board game! A personal favorite, this poster was created to feature the timeless game. Along with the gameplay, the simple typography and colors of the game are just as appealing. The original was made from a real-life game with the real names replacing the "You vs Me" part. Have a unforgettable matchup? Make it your own with a custom poster of your own!


Fraunces Tavern Museum Marketing Material

Client: Fraunces Tavern Museum
Services: Print, Layout


Lifecycle Marketing

Client: Bluenose
Services: Print, Layout, Infographics, Iconography


George Washington Birthday Ball

Client: Sons of the Revolution/Fraunces Tavern Museum (concept)
Services: Print, Layout, Graphics


Friends with Benefits Workshop

Client: Friends with Benefits Workshop
Services: Branding, Web, Stationary


George Washington Birthday Ball

Client: Sons of the Revolution/Fraunces Tavern Museum
Services: Print, Layout, Graphics



Client: Xmas
Services: Print, Graphics


Destination NEXT

Client: Ogilvy
Services: Presentation, Animation, Iconography



Client: DeepFriedFit
Services: Branding, Stationary, Digital


Reebok Kamikaze

Client: Reebok
Services: Print, Digital, Graphics



Client: Reebok
Services: Branding, Stationary, Print



Client: Zobe
Services: Branding, Stationary


Chansen Printing

Client: Chansen Printing
Services: Branding, Print, Stationary, Infographics, Iconography


Smoothie Factory

Client: Smoothie Factory
Services: Print, Layout, Graphics



Client: Smoothie Factory/OneBode
Services: Print, Layout, Photography, Graphics



Client: Dream
Services: Print, Digital Art